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Hi, I'm Claire from Candy Blossoms...

I have a total love of all things chocolate and blossoms hold a special place in my heart…the day I married my husband Jon some 16 years ago, all my wedding pictures taken at the church had beautiful pink blossoms on… they formed a big part of my day and every time I see a blossom tree I remember that day and smile.  Since I have a love of chocolate and blossoms the name Candy Blossoms was set!  We launched mid 2018 following an idea that I’d had for some time.  It came from an idea into a hobby during Christmas time 2017, after deciding that the chocolate bouquets I used to buy my two girls, Rachel and Lucy could be done better.  

The start came one dreary Saturday morning in November when I was at a loose end.  My husband was at work and my girls were busy with one thing or another.  I took a trip to the local floristry cash and carry and came out with loads of Christmas goodies…various felt bags, floristry boxes, ribbons and foam!  My husband came home from work to boxes of bits and pieces and wondered what on earth I was doing – I’m sure he thought I had gone mad!

 I initially called myself Sweet Treatz after a brain storming session at work and started making chocolate bouquets and small chocolate gifts for friends.  Meal times were fun in our house as I hijacked the dining room table, especially as I was getting more requests.  Luckily we were having an extension built and the ‘Study’ soon became full of Santa Trains, Rudolph, Father Christmas and Snowmen!  I had not been well and decided to invest in me and my hobby, as it was then. I completed a training course to enable me to enhance the look and feel of my bouquets. After finishing this I decided a rename was in order, as Sweet Treatz just didn’t feel right…and Candy Blossoms was born!  In July 2018, I took the brave decision to make this my main commitment, and I left my full-time job in Pensions and Employee Benefits, to put my heart and soul into making Candy Blossoms the amazing business I know it can and will be. 

The village of Worsley

The village of Worsley is both my home and my inspiration! It is not just a picturesque hamlet just outside of Manchester, it is also the birthplace of the Bridgewater Canal - which was the catalyst to the industrial revolution.

The Duke of Bridgewater put all of his personal wealth and reputation on the line to bring the canal to life, and this has really resonated with me with my business.


The church of St Mark's is an imposing landmark in the village, and it holds a very special place in my heart as it's where I got married. The grounds of the church were bathed in blossom from the trees on the day - a memory I will cherish forever.

When it came to giving my business a name which represented me, and what is important to me - blossoms symbolise love, life and beauty. I hope that what I create is something beautiful for your special occasion.

Our Chocolates...

We make sure that we use chocolates in our bouquets which not only look good on display, but taste incredible too. I have a very willing team of tasters (my two girls are avid volunteers!) and we make sure that we stay ahead with new product launches and flavour introductions. Here's a selection of the chocolates we work with - please don't think we are limited to just this selection! If you have a favourite chocolate or wrapped sweet that you would like to have incorporated then we will always try our best to accomodate.

Ferrero Rocher

These luxury Italian chocolates are a firm favourite with chocolate lovers. 

With a creamy filling, crunchy wafer and delicious hazelnut centre, these gold wrapped nuggets will help your bouquet make a real statement.

Lindt Lindor

These melt-in-the-middle chocolates have fast become a modern classic. 

Using the finest Lindt chocolate and available in a variety of flavours, these balls of yumminess will make your bouquet say the right message every time. 


A British institution, Cadbury has a chocolate for everyone!

We love to create bouquets which are full of nostalgia and classic favourites, and the variety offered by Cadbury allows us to do just that!


There are so many favourites among the Mars brands that it can be hard to choose!

We work to your requirements to make chocolate bouquets that your recipient will love. Which one is your favourite?

Green and Black's

This organic chocolate is indulgent, intense and luxurious. 

Founded in 1991, Green and Black's pride themselves on using ethical Fairtrade products to create their chocolate bars, making them a wonderful thoughtful gift


Known as the smoothest chocolate, Galaxy bars are a firm favourite at CB HQ!

Lovingly created to melt in the mouth, Galaxy has been an indulgent treat in the UK for decades. Its gorgeous packaging makes for beautiful bouquets too!

A rainbow of colour

We can perfectly tailor your bouquet with a wide variety of coloured non-woven fabric. We do not use tissue paper as we think the non-woven fabric gives a more luxurious feel.

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most" John Ruskin. We know how important colour is in reflecting the message you are giving with your gift. We can work to your exact requirements to make sure that you give the perfect bouquet every time.

Here is a selection of our colours we have available - we are constantly adding to the range so get in touch if your favourite is not here!

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